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Maximize Available Tax Deductions to Reduce Your Tax Liability

A taxpayer has two options related to declaring allowable deductions on their tax return. The first option is the Standard Deduction which is a set amount the IRS allows based on filing status. The 2nd option, if applicable, is to … Continue reading

How can I keep current on tax changes?

One sure thing is that Tax Laws are in a constant state of change! Finding accurate tax information or updates is vital for both individual taxpayers and small businesses. Staying up-to-date on federal, state or local regulations is good for … Continue reading

Record management and the business owner: You have options.

Record keeping is an ongoing task in business. Not only should you keep an electronic accounting of your business activities, using a system like QuickBooks, you also need to keep copies of documents that are pertinent to your business. It … Continue reading

Tips for Keeping Tax Payments and Records in Order

Most small businesses are structured as sole proprietors or as what is called a pass-through entity such as a Partnership or S-Corp. A major challenge is estimating and paying taxes for the current tax year based on expected profits. Making … Continue reading

5 Things you Need to Know When Starting a Business

Like many entrepreneurs, you have a great idea. The big question is where to start when establishing a business. Here is a short list of tasks or considerations: #1 – Do your research Come up with a name and make … Continue reading

How to get started with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used bookkeeping systems on the market today. Most accountants and bookkeepers recommend using QuickBooks for this very reason. If you are ready to get out of paper ledgers and boxes of receipts, this … Continue reading

One More Piece of Paper? The Importance of Business Documentation

The computer and internet era promised us a paperless society. Unfortunately, that is not always the reality when it comes to business documentation. It is important to keep records of all transactions, and while you can digitize your documents, the … Continue reading

How to Make Sense of Donations on your Taxes

Charitable deductions on your taxes can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for when you donate. There are several different things you need to consider when making your donation. There are three different ways to donate to … Continue reading

The Importance of Tax ID Numbers

Tax ID numbers (TIN) are an integral part of filing taxes, used by the IRS in administering tax laws. Everyone must have a TIN, but there are several different types given. The two most common TINs are Social Security numbers … Continue reading

When You Need a 1099 Form

When it comes to filing your taxes, it’s important to do it right; the IRS isn’t a government agency you want to mess with! Accurately reporting your income is crucial, and 1099 forms are how you do that. What is … Continue reading

Cure For Tax Time Blues

As a State of Oregon Licensed Tax Professional, we make sure that your taxes are done perfect.

Detailed Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services can keep your important business financial records in good health.

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Expert knowledge, expert advice, expert answers for all your Quickbooks needs and questions.