Understanding an Audit Report

Small Business Audit

Although the process of undergoing a small business audit may seem tedious – or even intimidating – it is still an important task that every business owner should do. Audits help small business owners make certain their companies are running effectively and remaining financially compliant. An audit report, which is a comprehensive appraisal of a […]

Bookkeeping: The Art of Financial Organization

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Are you a small business owner who dreams of having your financial records in order? To some people, organizing your books may seem as intricate – and complicated – as a beautiful work of art. And indeed, there is a certain artistic quality that pertains to bookkeeping management. Bookkeeping involves the process of recording all […]

Business Financial Records: What do you need to keep on hand?

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Much of the success of any small business’ success depends on how well its owner keeps and organizes his or her business financial records. Most small business owners probably already understand the importance of keeping records of their financial statements for future taxes. They are also the best way of helping you keep track of […]