What to Expect: Handling payroll changes when adding new employees

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Business growth is a good thing. As your business grows, you will soon discover that with growth comes many changes in various areas of your business. One of the biggest changes you may experience is finding that you need to hire additional employees. Once you decide to expand your team, you will face a new […]

Payroll Management: Outsourcing vs. In-House Payroll

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From the moment small business owners hire their first employee, they must start thinking about how they should handle the payroll. Payroll management poses a variety of challenges for small businesses: from initial setup through payment distribution – and everything in between. Choosing the right payroll management system is one of the most important endeavors […]

Draws and Distributions – Who’s on first, what’s on second!

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In a previous post, we discussed how a business owner could be paid based on the type of entity established as well as the resultant business tax return. Do you know the difference between Draws and Distributions? In this post we want tackle other ways business owners take money out of the business including Draws […]