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OK, you are a new business owner or maybe a veteran and you have not yet staked your
claim on the world wide web. What do you do? You probably do what I did, explore your options and then maybe, just maybe get very very lucky!

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I already owned a domain name, so at least I had that going for me! Initially, I discovered relatively free web site options which offered a number of pre-built templates with at least 3 pages that could be customized. I then found industry specific template providers (in my case for accountants) that also provided relevant content including newsletters and down-loads for a modest monthly fee. In terms of custom options I met web designers, web developers and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants. While I could grasp the vision and trusted the capabilities of each of these experts it came at a hefty price and generally above my challenged budget! The last option do it myself….NOT!

I then discovered a workshop and class offered by a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) associated with Mt Hood Community College that would generate a custom website in 6 weeks! Say what? You are now most likely reading this blog on that site! The class provided knowledge about content, architecture, navigation, design and optimization, everything short of html coding! I even wrote my own content and created the layout in WordPress.

The best part was meeting the instructor, another local small business owner paying it forward by dedicating many hours of his time and incredible expertise, when he could have just focused on his own expanding book of business! You have to check out and my friend Kelly Allen. Thanks Kelly. Lucky me!

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